Product Roadmap

Follow along to see the work we've done!

We're serious about making our product the most accessible & fastest way to build AI-powered apps.

We want to prove that to you.

7 day



Both are very likely to be integrated via Hugging Face (our AI friends who are also advancing and democratizing AI to the masses!)

Interactive App Preview Window

We want to let you test and quickly make updates to your apps. We think this is critical to helping an app creator get the speed they were promised 😅.


Share Your Templates!

We're SO excited about this update. This will let people submit their creations to the Template Library for others to view, clone, and create with! This is how we start to make brancher.ai a bit more Open Source and accessible to the world.


Week 1


App Landing Page Styling

This will give you the ability to make your app's landing page look both awesome and unique! You'll be able to make changes for:
- The background's color and texture
- The app title & description's color, style, and placement
- The form fields' color, style, and placement.
- Adding a cover image
- Adding a logo or icon to represent your app (think Notion's landing pages).


Monetize Your Submitted Templates!

This is when you can start to not only submit your apps to the template library, but sell them to other app creators. Think PromptBase, but for your heavily AI-powered brancher.ai app. It's going to be epic.


Monetize Your Apps!

We are thinking of having 3 ways of monetizing your apps:

1. Per Generation - meaning it will cost ($1) to submission/generation.
2. Using Credits - meaning your app users would need to pay you for credits to continue to use your apps.
3. Subscriptions - your app users pay a set fee monthly to use your app.